Home Watch Based in the Tampa Bay area, FL


What is Home Watch?

Home Watch is a service that is known by many names. This includes house watch, home concierge, house check, home caretaker, property, manager, house sitter or absentee home services.

Home Watch is a service that provides scheduled inspections of "vacant" homes while the owner is away or living at another residence. Part of a Home Watcher's job is to check the functions of the home, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and overall look and condition of all aspects of the property. Home Watch members closely monitor the home with an expert eye. They regularly look for mold, pests, leaks, or other issues that can affect a home in a short period of time if ignored.
As soon as a Home Watch Inspector encounters a problem, the owner will be immediately notified. From this point, our First Step Home Watch service will resolve the problem by finding the most qualified service to resolve the issue.

Home watch services provide a sense of added security and presence in a home, keeping it safe while the owner is away. Peace of mind is only increased by the clear communication provided to the owner regularly.