Vacations Rentals Based in the Tampa Bay area, FL

First Step Services is not a real estate company, however do we work closely with homeowners to handle all aspects of renting their property for short-term vacation purposes. We can assist from initial inquiry to checking in and post-stay.

Do you have a vacation property or second home? Would you like to get your property ready to rent out for short term vacation rental? First Step Services can assist with the following:

-rental postings
-respond to tenant inquires
-assisting with tenant needs
-check -in's and out's
-scheduling cleaning and maintenance
-on call 24/7 during stay
-much more

Click link below to view Luxury Waterfront Rentals Available
  • Postings & Tenant Inquiries
  • Sending Contracts
  • Finding Needs of All Parties Involved
  • Showing Tenant Ins-and-Outs of Property
  • On Call 24/7 During Stay
  • Much More!